Wipro: Trump No Longer A ‘Risk Factor’

Wipro says it’s no longer worried about Donald Trump. At least not to the point where the tech-services provider feels the need to specifically call out the U.S. president in its filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Last year, Wipro added Trump’s anti-outsourcing policies to the list of boilerplate risk factors typically included in its filings and mentioned Trump by name. However, its most recent submission to the SEC omits any mention of the president.

Instead, Wipro offers a more general statement about how shifting political winds can create uncertainty.

“Political and economic factors such as pending elections, changes in governments and revisions to government policies can affect our business,” the company notes. “We are a global organization and are therefore vulnerable to multiple factors that are difficult to predict beyond our influence and control.”

Trump has publicly chided U.S. companies for placing work overseas with outsourcers such as Wipro, as well offshore manufacturers. His administration has also placed greater restrictions on the visas, including H-1Bs, that offshore tech vendors use to place employees in the U.S. for training and other purposes.

Wipro currently maintains about 35,000 employees outside of its home base in India.

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